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Simpler, faster, smarter – our revolutionary wealth data platform empowers you as a wealth manager, family office, asset manager or bank to make the right decisions, stay compliant and provide better services to your clients.

We equip you with financial superpower

Make better decisions

Reduced complexity supports the joint decision-making process with your client. We let you analyse large sets of wealth data across multiple consolidation levels.

Etops feature
Etops features

Be more efficient

Helping to streamline your work through the whole customer journey with powerful tools that help you stay compliant and focus on your core business, manage wealth.

Get an Etops co-pilot

Gain insights across all your mandates, portfolios and custodians with your everyday wealth management assistant that makes your life easier.

Etops features

Your trusted partner for navigating the future of wealth management

We are a swiss-based tech innovation company with over a decade of experience. We solve complex financial problems for you by providing a powerful wealth data platform and services for the entire wealth and investment management industry.

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We build data-driven products leveraging the revolutionary power of the cloud, machine learning and genAI.


We support with mid and back office services to ensure flawless operations, allowing you to focus on your core business.


We enable flexibility in integrating third party solutions to provide additional functionality and extendable to anything via APIs.

Discover our operating system

At the heart of what we do there is a powerful realtime wealth analytics system, we call it etopsOS. We excel in solving intricate financial puzzles, by providing a system and services for the entire wealth and investment management industry.

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Build powerful wealth management apps

We provide scalable RESTful APIs with powerful wealth analytics which can be fully integrated in your system landscape and client experiences. This is how we build apps in weeks not years!

Why our clients choose us

Thanks to Etops, we can professionally map the complex asset situations of our clients and offer very comprehensive reporting across all asset classes as part of our overall Verium client experience. This is highly appreciated by our sophisticated family office clients.

David Schneider

COO, Verium AG

By working in partnership with Etops, we can offer our families an easy to read and customized wealth report that offers them an enormous advantage. We highly value Etops for their prompt release of new features and their commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience.

Alexander Sinn

Co-Founder and CEO of 47 Capital AG

Die Lösung von Etops erlaubt es uns viel Zeit zu sparen und ist effizient gestaltet, damit wir uns auf das Kerngeschäft konzentrieren können. Die detaillierten Reportings haben unseren Service deutlich verbessert und können somit unseren Kunden einen klaren Mehrwert bieten.

Anthony Gimigliano

Head Institutional Desk Swissquote

Mit wenigen Klicks haben die Mitarbeiter Zugang zu allen wichtigen Informationen und somit mehr Zeit sich auf ihre Kernkompetenzen zu fokussieren, nämlich fundierte und anlegerbezogene Entscheide zu treffen.

Sacha Fedier

CEO VT Wealth Management

Mit Etops sind wir schneller und dank Automatisierung auch zuverlässiger und sicherer unterwegs.

Patrick Marty

COO Finaport Group

Experience your new financial superpower

Find out what our Wealth Discovery app and etopsOS can do for your organization. Book a demo and discover our most powerful application yet!

Use Cases

Solutions for the financial industry

We provide a wealth data platform and services to solve complex financial problems for investment managers across a large variety of liquid and illiquid asset types. Discover how we support you in making better decisions and be more efficient.

More about Etops

Find out more about our proven services and the company.

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Who we are

About Etops

We are a swiss-based tech innovation company with over a decade of experience in wealth management software and services.

Service Outsourcing

Discover more services for asset managers and family offices to leverage your business.

Data Intelligence

Explore our advanced industry-agnostic analytics services tailored to your evolving business needs

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Service Outsourcing

Our mid- and back-office team creates factsheets and reports in no time.

Data Intelligence

We cover your data management from collection to visualization.


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News and articles about products, new features, insights, and trends in the world of Etops.

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