Say goodbye to unstable APIs, complex systems and business logic. Elevate your development process and build future-proof investment and wealth management solutions effortlessly.

No more legacy systems

Developers frequently face challenges with legacy systems in the financial industry, which impede the agility and efficiency of their product development. Grasping and navigating the complexities of these often outdated systems can be a substantial hurdle, slowing down releases and introducing unnecessary complications. Moreover, the instability of APIs exacerbates these challenges, resulting in a frustrating and time-consuming integration process. The necessity to decipher hard-to-understand interfaces adds an extra layer of complexity, impeding development progress.

Build better apps, we handle the complexity

Enter etopsOS, the SaaS platform accelerating your development. Say goodbye to legacy system constraints as our cloud-based infrastructure fuels your applications. Our Restful API streamlines integration, offering clarity and ease of use. Tailored for investment and wealth management, etopsOS excels in handling complex scenarios related to portfolios, performance analysis, risk assessment, and trading strategies. With etopsOS and its APIs, developers gain a robust toolkit to navigate these complexities effortlessly, ensuring functional and future-proof applications. Choose etopsOS to empower your team, overcome development challenges, and stand out with your powerful app.

Data consolidation analytics & reporting

Get real-time data analytics across all your portfolios and positions. Consolidate across custodians, portfolio and mandates.

Performance, risk & exposure APIs

Access comprehensive performance, risk and exposure figures across all your consolidation levels in realtime. Build wealth management risk system and uncover opportunities across the entire asset basis.

Portfolio & transaction analysis API

Access all your portfolios, positions and transactions across all custodians and all asset types. Ready to build dashboards, management information system or wealth insights.

Third-party integrations

Build, Integrate and launch your financial app on our etopsOS or be integrated as a hyperapp in our Wealth Discovery app and join our partner programm to profit our from larger distribution base.


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Why our clients choose us

Thanks to Etops, we can professionally map the complex asset situations of our clients and offer very comprehensive reporting across all asset classes as part of our overall Verium client experience. This is highly appreciated by our sophisticated family office clients.
David Schneider

David Schneider

COO, Verium AG

By working in partnership with Etops, we can offer our families an easy to read and customized wealth report that offers them an enormous advantage. We highly value Etops for their prompt release of new features and their commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience.
Alexander Sinn

Alexander Sinn

Co-Founder and CEO of 47 Capital AG

Die Lösung von Etops erlaubt es uns viel Zeit zu sparen und ist effizient gestaltet, damit wir uns auf das Kerngeschäft konzentrieren können. Die detaillierten Reportings haben unseren Service deutlich verbessert und können somit unseren Kunden einen klaren Mehrwert bieten.
Anthony Gimigliano

Anthony Gimigliano

Head Institutional Desk Swissquote

Mit wenigen Klicks haben die Mitarbeiter Zugang zu allen wichtigen Informationen und somit mehr Zeit sich auf ihre Kernkompetenzen zu fokussieren, nämlich fundierte und anlegerbezogene Entscheide zu treffen.
Sacha Fedier

Sacha Fedier

CEO VT Wealth Management

Mit Etops sind wir schneller und dank Automatisierung auch zuverlässiger und sicherer unterwegs.
Patrick Marty

Patrick Marty

COO Finaport Group