Introducing Etops Fee Management and Invoicing: Simplifying Wealth Management

Efficient fee management is crucial for wealth managers, family offices, and asset managers. With Etops fee management and invoicing features, you can streamline billing processes, enhance transparency, and optimize client trust. You can easily manage, track, and calculate fees according to client wealth, generate invoices quickly, and retain historical billing data. With customizable fee structures, including management (AUM) fees and performance-based fees, navigating complex portfolios becomes simpler. Discover the benefits of Etops Fee Management and Invoicing today to simplify fee management and enhance client satisfaction.
Fitore Miftari
Product Marketing Manager
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May 7, 2024
5 min read
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Efficient fee management is crucial for wealth managers, family offices, and asset managers. That's why Etops is happy to introduce another big-time saver: Etops Fee Management and Invoicing. This tool is designed to streamline your billing process, increase your operative efficiency, enhance transparency and optimize client trust.

Effortless Billing with Etops

Managing billing can be time-consuming, especially with the complexity of modern investment portfolios. Save time by:

  • managing fees easily: Effortlessly manage, track and calculate fees according to your client's wealth.
  • generating invoices quickly: generate invoices in just a few clicks.
  • retaining historical billing data: Keep track of changes in fee schedules while preserving past invoice records.

Key Features of Etops Fee Management and Invoicing

Our platform offers essential features to meet your needs:

  • simple setup and review: Navigate through invoice setup, trigger fee runs and review results with ease.
  • customizable fee structures: Tailor fee structures and invoicing parameters to align with your business model and client preferences.
  • management (AUM) fee: Setup flat fees (e.g. 0.50% on average invested capital) or introduce a min. fee (e.g. min 2000.-) and combined it with on-the-fly discounts to support any client agreement you have.
  • performance based fee: Complexity should be simplified by software, which is why we support the setup of performance fees including high water marks and hurdle fees. Everything is transparently presented so you can feel confident with the numbers.
  • accessible data for inquiries: Quickly respond to client questions or audit requests with detailed fee calculations and accessible data.  
  • elevate your brand identity: Customize your invoices and maintain a consistent brand identity across all your communication channels.

Experience the Benefits

Ready to simplify your fee management process and enhance client satisfaction? Discover the benefits of Etops Fee Management and Invoicing today. Whether you aim to streamline billing, improve transparency, or optimize operations, Etops has the product to solve your challenges.

Contact us to learn more about how Etops can elevate your wealth management experience with our intuitive Wealth Discovery application. Let's navigate wealth management together with clarity and efficiency.

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