Maximizing Financial Insights

The power of grouping assets and real-time wealth analytics: In the dynamic world of finance, staying ahead requires more than just keeping an eye on your investments. The way we organise and analyse our assets can significantly impact our financial decisions. In this article, we will explore the importance of grouping asset classes, rearranging views, and leveraging real-time wealth analytics to unlock valuable insights.
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February 1, 2024
5 min read
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Efficient asset grouping:

Our Wealth Discovery application simplifies the process of grouping assets & positions in a portfolio or a consolidated mandate. With a user-friendly interface, our clients can categorise and organise their assets based on Instrument data like, industry sectors, geographical regions, countries, currencies, ratings and multiple levels of asset classification. This feature enables a structured view of portfolios, group of portfolio and mandates, making it easier to manage and optimise asset allocations.

simplified UI of the position view

No-Frills view customisation:

User specific views are key to precision, and Wealth Discovery ensures simplicity in this process. The platform allows users to tailor powerful views according to their preferences. Whether focusing on performance metrics, risk indicators, or specific contribution insights, clients can efficiently navigate through data to meet their specific needs when it comes to analysing complex financial positions in consolidated portfolios.

Near real-time wealth analytics made easy:

Wealth Discovery understands the importance of real-time analytics. Our engine allows you to recalculate entire groups of portfolios or mandates in milliseconds. Let’s say you want to see Market values, TWRs and FX Contributions on a grouping level like countries? No Problem! The next minute you want to add another grouping level and analyse on industry sector? Easy! This functionality enables users to adapt quickly to changing market conditions, minimising the risk of missed opportunities.

On the fly re-grouping and analytics is also available via our etopsOS API providing you with an even higher flexibility when building your own application(s).

simplified API request for portfolio analytics

Straightforward financial insights:

Wealth Discovery isn't like any other application; it's a practical tool for financial empowerment. Aligned with Etops' mission, the platform equips individuals and financial professionals with the tools needed to navigate the complexities of wealth management successfully and simple.

In a straightforward manner, Wealth Discovery facilitates multi-level asset grouping, view customization, and real-time analytics, helping users make informed decisions and discover new opportunities (pun intended). Experience the practical side of wealth management with WealthDiscovery by Etops - your financial superpower!

(you’ll know what we mean once you try it.)

Etops Santiago Schuppisser
CPO - Etops